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The frequent struggles of going to the PHCN offices to pay your electricity bills and ending up in a regular long line-up for hours before your turn to pay your bills or the frequent conversations with the PHCN employees with the embarrassment of cutting off your wire because of your end meet of paying your light bills on time have come to an end thanks to the online and physical operations like

Regular electricity availability is no longer only reliant on distribution corporations. It now covers having enough units on the meter itself. In addition, your prepaid meter gives you peace of mind because you can use your smartphone to make payments whenever and wherever you want, ending the PHCN workers’ embarrassment of shutting off the connection that connects your home’s power lights.

However, utility service companies, like, entered the market to offer a simple and dependable method for paying your electricity bills. is regarded as one of the simplest and most dependable energy utility platforms/apps to purchase a meter unit for your prepaid among the several electricity utility providers in Nigeria.

Why Choose BuyPower?

Choosing Buypower will prove to be the best choice you’ve ever made because, in addition to offering the simplest platform and the most user-friendly app or website for buying electricity online, Buypower also offers several other advantages, such as the ability to pay for your electricity bills whether you have a card or not.

On the Buypower platform/website, other payment options include things like

  • Use a bank transfer to pay
  • Pay using the GTB 737
  • Pay with the USSD Code for Buypower

What could be superior? Both prepaid and postpaid meters can be purchased through Because of its adaptability, the Buypower platform is accessible via a website and a smartphone, which means it can be found on both the Google Play Store and the IOS app store (Apple Store) for iPhones. Additionally, it offers a round-the-clock service. There are no off-peak hours or service provider outages.

How Does BuyPower Work?

You can pay your electricity bills anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks using the website or an Android/IOS app if you have a smart device, an internet connection, and your meter number.

To begin a payment transaction on several online platforms for power utilities, you must first register your personal information. On Buypower, however, you can finish a transaction without setting up an account. This is because we are aware of how urgently you might require electricity.

How Do I Use BuyPower?

On the Buypower electricity portal, you can buy electricity for prepaid and postpaid meters by swiping your fingertips across the interface. Adhere to the instructions listed below to recharge your meter using Buypower;

  • Access by using the app or the website.
  • When prompted, provide your phone number before clicking “Buy electricity here.”
  • Your state, your meter number, and the amount of electricity you intend to buy should all be entered.
  • Select “Continue to pay information” from the menu.
  • Double-check your order, then click the “Pay” button to avoid a mistake.
  • Choose your preferred payment option and complete the transaction.
  • You will receive a 20-digit token by text, email, and storage in your order history.
  • It takes less than five minutes to complete the entire transaction. Please enter the numbers into the meter by punching them in and then pressing the button. It is that simple.

You can also open an account by setting up a password and filling in the required fields, such as the email address. After that, download the Buypower app to your iOS or Android device to make paying your bills as simple as clicking a button. In Nigeria, you can recharge your prepaid meter and purchase units online with the Buypower smartphone app.

BuyPower Features to Enjoy

Additionally, BuyPower provides excellent 24/7 customer support via a helpline and a live chat facility that is always prepared for client complaints, which are also rare. Below the platform part is a FAQ (commonly asked questions) section that answers certain questions. This section covers the majority of queries you might have before, during, and after transactions.

On Buypower, a utility bill processor enables you to receive your bill in under a minute. Additionally, all transaction receipts will be delivered instantly to your registered email address as proof that your financial transaction with Buypower was completed.

Finally, by using the referral option, you can invite friends and family to receive a discount on your subsequent recharge.


After reading this article through to the end, you will better understand how to buy electricity online in Nigeria on, why choose buypower, how to use buypower, and features to enjoy. You will also be better able to choose the best electricity utility platform to buy prepaid and postpaid meters on the Buypower platform.

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