How to Check Due Date, balance for DSTV, GOTV

This article will help you if you’re a current DStv and GoTV user who wants to keep track of your balance. Just spend a moment reading the whole essay. Then, as soon as possible, test it, and then share your results afterward.

How To Check DStv Balance

Check your DStv balance; there are many methods to do this. Through SMS or the DStv app, you may access the website online. Please follow the instructions below to verify via SMS.

Use the DStv mobile app to check your DStv due date.

  • Install the DStv mobile app by going to your app store.
  • Open the program after downloading it, then during setup, choose Nigeria.
  • Next, use both the Smart card numbers and your phone number to log in.
  • Finally, log in to your profile once you’ve registered.
  • You may see your customer ID, DStv account balance, and DStv due date on the website.

How can I find out the due date by SMS

  • To compose the message on your phone, click on it.
  • Enter the following statement: DD, followed by the DStv smart card number’s first ten digits.
  • Send a message through SMS to 30333.
  • Your mobile phone will get a text message with the due date for your DStv subscription.

How To Check Your Dstv Due Date Online

  • Visit, the DStv website.
  • To access DStv self-service, choose “Service” in the website’s upper left corner.
  • Then, use your smart card, phone number, or name to sign in to the DStv easy service.
  • After you have authenticated, click “Account.”
  • The DStv, the date when your subscription is due, and the amount of your account will all be visible.

How To Check GoTV Balance

Check your balance by simply going to GoTV if you wish to. In addition, you may check your balance on the GoTV website and by SMS.

Online GoTV website. The ways to check your GoTV balance are shown below. Observe the procedures below to SMS-verify your GoTV balance:

  • Create an SMS by going to the messaging menu on your smartphone.
  • Insert “Balance” IUC Numbers or Smart Card numbers should be sent to 4688 after a pause.
  • The information you want will be included in the answer you get.

How To Check GoTV Balance Online

Follow the procedures below to check the GoTV account’s balance.

  • Go to to get started.
  • To access the menu icon, click.
  • Select Eazy self-service from the menu.
  • Please scroll down to the self-service list and choose my account.
  • Use your phone number and IUC number to log in. Your account details are shown.


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