Polaris (Skye) Bank recharge code to buy airtime/data

The number for recharging your Polaris Airtime bank account is a USSD code. Customers of Polaris may buy airtime by dialing their mobile phones at banks. Using this USSD technology, you may recharge your smartphone without dealing with the trouble of using actual vouchers.

Any mobile device with cellular network access may utilize this Polaris Airtime bank recharge across all Nigerian networks. However, three requirements must be met before you may use this option. The following criteria are listed:

  • A Polaris bank account is required.
  • The phone number has to be connected to your Polaris bank account through your phone number.
  • Your Polaris Bank account must have adequate money in it.

There are two ways to buy airtime using your Polaris Airtime recharge code. You may either recharge your registered personal line or recharge other users. Below is a list of both sorts of recharge procedures so you may learn:

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Purchase Airtime on your own using Polaris Bank USSD

To buy 500 naira of airtime for your mobile phone registered in a Polaris Bank account, dial *833*amount# (for example, *833*500#).

Recharge for Friends Using Polaris Bank USSD

To purchase 500 nairas of airtime for the cellphone number 08060000000, dial *833*Amount*Phone Number# (for example, *833*500*08060000000#).

You might also attempt the next step.

Select 8 from the screen prompts after pressing *833#. Include the money and your phone number. The phone number or account will be recharged after inputting the information.

We trust you now understand how to use any phone and a Polaris Bank account to buy airtime or charge your mobile device.

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How to Check Your Balance

You may use the USSD code to check the balance of your Polaris account by dialing *833*6# from your mobile device and following the on-screen instructions. You don’t need to go to the bank or wait in line to check your account details. However, you will be billed for this transaction.

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