Top 5 Apps in Nigeria That Does Fake Bank Alerts

Bank Fraudsters often utilize fake warnings to con victims after they have already purchased a product from them or placed an order for goods or services. A phony bank alert sometimes called an alert flashing, is a scam alert used on naïve victims that uses SMS messages that seem to be transaction alert messages from your bank with your exact complete name and bank as proof to demonstrate that the transfer was valid.

With the technologies and applications at our disposal, creating false bank notifications is relatively easy and involves using a few online tools.

There are specific applications, tools, or software for creating false bank notifications in Nigeria. Some applications may do more than send phony bank notifications; they can also raise your bank account balance by making others think you are wealthy. The best thing is that you can give them access to your app account, giving the impression that you are the only owner of the funds in the phony bank account.

Below are a few of the applications used in Nigeria to generate phony account balances and bank notifications.

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Top 5 Best Apps Fake Bank Alerts

  • Fake Alert Maker For Andriod 
  • Loftysms App
  • Money Prank Pro App
  • Flash Fund App
  • Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro

Fake Alert Maker For Andriod 

Fake Alert Maker is a phony bank app with a high rating and positive play store reviews. You may download and install the software with an Android tablet or phone.

The Fake Alert Maker App is a free Android application that can easily be downloaded, used, and navigated.

Loftysms App

One of Nigeria’s most famous fake bank alert applications for creating false alerts is Loftysms. With Loftysms, you may send false bank alerts in bulk by SMS, but you must have the recipient’s actual bank phone number for them to get the notifications.

Money Prank Pro App

A brand-new software called Money Prank is astounding since it encourages people to believe they are affluent by depositing as much money as they want into their accounts while pretending to be wealthy.

With this program, money prank pro, you can change the number and kind of currency symbols that appear on your main screen to reflect the currency of your nation. This app tricks your friends, family, and anyone you show into thinking you are wealthy.

Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro

Anyone may download Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro from the Google Play store and install it on any Android smartphone to give them the appearance of wealth and the sensation of being a genuine multimillionaire.

Users have given Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro positive feedback and a high rating.

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Flash Fund App

A flash fund app is a tool that enables you to instantaneously give anybody untraceable bogus bank notifications without providing any evidence to identify the source.

The flash fund app is an adequate fake bank account hacking tool, enabling hackers to send out false bank notifications to victims immediately. The software is quite simple, and the false bank alert lasts up to 24 hours before it vanishes. You must flash the recipient’s account number into their account information to send the money.

The flash fund app, now available for Windows (PC) and Android, is one of the internet’s most well-known false bank alert applications.


This content on Top 5 Apps in Nigeria That Does Fake Bank Alerts is only meant to be used for amusing, practical jokes and not some scams that exploit honest people who work hard to earn their money. However, be aware that this app is illegal and dangerous and may lead some users to commit immediate suicide due to its deceit. Be cautious.


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