How to Become a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria Within 30 Minutes

This article outlines the prerequisites you need to meet to launch a Yahoo boy career and the tactics (sometimes referred to as formats) you need to learn to be successful.

While most individuals condemn this fraudulent technique due to morals, Yahoo youth in Nigeria still justify their nefarious behavior.

One of them stems from the idea that every Nigerian is a fraudster in some manner. This is the reason why a growing number of young Nigerians are being pushed to engage in online fraud.

I advise against starting Yahoo since it may result in ritualistic, often unending lunacy or death.

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How do Yahoo boys operate?

Here is a quick look at how Yahoo boys make money.

The apartment Scam:

One of the most well-known types of problems Yahoo focuses on is how to find flats. The con artist will do several things to pass, like a realtor or real estate agent, to avoid being caught. Typically, this entails creating a stunning website. The con artist will next post phony pictures of mansions that seem like real estate listings. An unaware purchaser is drawn to the images and transfers funds into a specific account to purchase the home. The house shown in these pictures is not for sale and is situated abroad. The fraudster shuts down the website or unblocks the user when the money is received.

Surgery Trick:

You must use a bogus process to deceive your “customer” to pull off this scam. An evil yahoo uses this ruse to convince the client that he has a disease and cannot afford the treatment his doctor recommended.

Robbery Technique:

The yahoo guys may trick their “customers” into thinking they are trapped due to a heist using this well-known approach. To carry off this ruse, Yahoo lads invent lies (such as saying they can’t find their credit cards or have misplaced essential items) to show that they need help from “clients.”

Lottery Trick:

It’s one of the most often used methods used by Yahoo lads to defraud the clever of their money. Due to people’s inherent greed, this method has had tremendous success.

Confident Yahoo lads are aware that they may capture their attention by luring wealthy individuals with many alluring possibilities, like a jackpot lottery and other profitable scams. Thus, these Yahoo lads amass many local and international email addresses and send emails to recipients notifying them that they have won a lottery, generally one they have yet to subscribe to.

ATM fraud:

The elderly or others who have trouble reading are often the target audience for this method. You and the Yahoo guy will wait for your target to approach while you complete the trick by loitering on the edge of the unattended ATM. Then they will offer to help them get their money out. The likelihood of an ATM card switch or a deduction of the cash withdrawn is one of many things that might happen.


It is one of the most sophisticated but common Yahoo boy tactics. The unlawful obtaining of data is known as phishing. Users’ usernames, credit card numbers, passwords, and phone numbers are essential information for fraudsters. The most common method is to utilize phishing software. Typically, an unsuspecting person downloads and installs it.

Price baiting:

This strategy benefits people’s natural demand for low-cost goods. Scammers will create an internet store to sell goods, such as vehicles. Then they will upload photos of cars far less expensive than what they would typically sell for. The target will dial a number and inquire about a particular model.

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What are the tools that Yahoo boys do to help facilitate their business?

Find a great Laptop First.

To become an influential Yahoo person, you must get a laptop. Otherwise, it might be challenging to do tasks requiring a computer.

Olamide Bado achieved his goal of becoming a Yahoo boy without a laptop. But if you want to become a successful yahoo guy, you need a computer. Furthermore, it’s not just any laptop.

It has to have top-notch software. There is just one thing I advise against: using anything except Apple computers. I like this edition of the Windows operating system and how they keep adding new features.

One must concede that the Mac is the most secure, however. Additionally, Apple computers often have longer battery life, which would be helpful given how chaotic Nigeria’s power supply is.

Find a great smartphone.

You will need a mobile phone even if you have a laptop. This is possible since every minute may be saved. You must reply to customer messages right away. And where are you—for example, in a movie or a park? Because of this, you need a mobile phone.

Once again, I advise utilizing an iPhone or iPad. Compared to any other gadget, they have better firmware. To avoid being caught, hacked, or even hacked by someone who wants to witness your demise, it would help if you had gadgets with the proper firmware. You wouldn’t want to achieve success just temporarily, would you?

Maintain a stable internet connection.

To become a Yahoo boy, a solid internet connection is one of the primary criteria. If you must be specific and reside in a location that is not 3G+ compatible, you should reconsider your choice.

You want to avoid being amidst a meaningful conversation with a customer when your network suddenly begins to fail. Customers are turned off by it.

I wouldn’t say that I like talking to people that reply to my messages within ten minutes, particularly when I have to deal with it every time I send a message. It would be beneficial if you had an extensive network, especially if you claimed to reside in an urban location.

City dwellers are unable to continue discussing the incorrect network. A subpar network is in no way comparable to a metropolis.

Even if you can get around this, you should only give your clients a few hints. You should never use the internet as a café, so I insisted on the three gadgets I indicated.

You are on the edge of failure if you decide to. Inquire among the attendees. Cybercafés are hazardous locations. A second device could watch what you’re doing, go through your browser history, and notify everyone who wants to see your failure.

Only think of being a Yahoo man if you possess the three virtual devices mentioned above. You’ll probably be the only one who bears responsibility.

Purchase a VPNA virtual private network 

Users may send and receive data through shared or public networks using a virtual private network (VPN), just as if their devices were directly linked to the private network.

This indicates that a VPN encrypts your network and raises the level of security for any data you send over the internet. Alternatively, a VPN conceals your IP address or changes it to the desired address following Lehman’s specifications.

Free VPNs are available online. However, their free plans have certain restrictions. To fully enjoy the advantages in the future, you may need to purchase one of their premium packages.

Get better at English.

Well done if you can already talk and write in English. If you need help, you should focus on improving it before starting Yahoo! Your capacity for writing and communicating is a tool you can acquire over time.

It’s a skill you must learn. Being a Yahoo boy requires the ability to communicate and write clearly. How can you persuade clients when you can’t use simple language in your writing? You’ve been reading this post for a while now, and my writing is terrible.

Do you believe you would have kept acting the same way? A Yahoo boy should be able to hold the attention of their listeners during conversations. Women who use sentences with poor grammar turn me off.

I doubt I’m the only one with this outlook. According to statistics, men like women who are more beautiful and have good communication skills. Similar to how men with good communication skills appeal to women.

You undoubtedly want to leave a good impression on your clients. Don’t worry if your English needs work. Make use of the internet’s resources to aid in grammar creation. A part of them is grammar.

Find a foreign number. 

Because they tend to hold the residents of these nations in high esteem, Yahoo guys often claim that they are from the US, the UK, or any other developed country.

Now that you’ve decided to identify yourself as being from the USA, it’s essential to remember that every nation has an area code. Finally, you cannot say that you are in America. Canada or the USA

When you call me, you can see the area code from Nigeria, +234. Area Code for Nigeria. With various Android apps, finding a foreign phone number is straightforward. Text-Plus is a well-known software for getting a global phone number. On the Google Play Store, you may search for it.

Disadvantages of Being a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria

  • EFCC and other organizations regularly keep an eye on Yahoo lads.
  • Police harassment: Due to the Yahoo lads’ luxurious lives, the Nigerian police are unhappy about them and often target them.
  • Boys from Yahoo are unable to live peacefully. The thrill of living in peace inside a specific region is incomprehensible to most Yahoo men in Nigeria. They move too much because they’re worried about being caught.
  • Since police officials and other anti-crime professionals might track confident Yahoo boys down by knowing their families, families cannot contain sure Yahoo boys. Some Yahoo guys remain in hotels since they can’t live with their families.

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