How To Check Your Waec Result 2022

Even if it’s simple to check your WAEC results, I’ll urge every WAEC candidate to understand how to do it themselves. This article is for you if you want to check your Waec results privately without visiting an internet café. Make sure you carefully read and implement all the attendants.

Is 2022 WAEC Out

The first question is this one; after that, we’ll discuss it. You already know the solution. The West Africa Examination Council has already released the result for 2022; hence the answer is YES.

How To Check the 2022 WAEC Result

The West Africa Examination Council (WACEC) makes it simple to verify your results. All candidates may use the WAEC website at to see their results.

Notice: To check their results, WAEC candidates should not purchase a scraping card or leg from a cybercafé. A smart identification card has been sent to WAEC campaigners, who may use it to check their WAEC results on the WAECDIRECT website. The companion on avoiding your WAEC effect is provided below; ensure you carefully follow it.

  • The WACEDIRECT website may be found at
  • Put your examination number in the first column ( This will be a 10 number)
  • Choose your current Exam time from the list of options, for example, 2022.
  • Choose the kind of examination you took (private or academy).
  • Enter the periodical number found on the back of your ID card.
  • Click the Submit button as well.

How To Check WAEC Results Via SMS

Even if there are obstacles, such as a lack of internet access or cybercafés in the region where the seeker is located, WAEC has established a different option for them to check their WAEC results.

To address the problem of campaigners needing to be qualified to verify their results, WAEC (West Africa Examination Council) offers two different options. Which are the other bone and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) styles that we have discussed

Is the current fad of sending SMS from a GSM mobile phone? You will get instructions on how to proceed from a buddy below.

By putting this material in place, SMS in the format below, this system only functions for users of the MTN, AIRTEL, and GLO networks.

Note: You must be aware of three impacts before transmitting the SMS.

Make sure you have airtime on any network; the SMS costs just $30.

The SMS should be typed exactly as seen in the image below, with no spaces.

Stay patient; your results will be transmitted after the #30 timeslot has successfully premiered.

WAEC * ExamNo * Leg * ExamYear and shoot it to 32327E.g( WAEC * 5141205004 * 789630125412 * 2022)

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