Opay App Review – The Ideal Payment App?

In Africa, OPay is a payment service that offers both mobile and online payment options.

OPay is a payment system developed by the Opera browser firm, to put it simply. If you’re wondering where OPay got its name, it’s because OPera Payment is where it originated from.

OPay was introduced in 2018 and has since become quite well-known. Anyone from Lagos can vouch for this. In Nigeria’s largest cities, including Enugu, Aba, Ibadan, and Kano, OPay is picking up steam.

Customers can use the platform to shop and buy goods and services using their mobile devices or web browsers. They started with essential items like buying mobile data and paying for utilities like cable and electricity when they started offering products.

One of the most popular web browsers in Africa is the Opera browser. Following Google Chrome Browser, Opera is Africa’s second most popular browser.

Additionally, many investors have already contributed to the development of Opay and are making a sizable profit from the service.

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Features of OPay App

You may use the OPay mobile app to get all Opera services in one place. OPay enables you to perform the following things:

Purchase Airtime: You may purchase airtime for those without a mobile phone and those who have. Currently, MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, and Airtel are supported.

Data plans may be purchased using this service for any mobile device. The service has supported 9Mobile, MTN, Glo, and Airtel.

Pay-TV subscriptions are available through satellite and cable providers, including DSTV, GOTV, and Startimes.

Pay Electricity Bill: Electricity may now be paid for. Numerous electricity distribution firms (Discos) may gain from this. Eko, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano, Ikeja, and Port Harcourt are a few of them.

Take a ride: OPay provides several hailing choices. To order bicycles, utilize ORide, OCar (which works like Uber), OTrike (which celebrates tricycles), and OBus (which calls buses).

You may place meal orders from neighboring eateries and have them delivered.

Money Transfer: You may send money with Opay to any Nigerian bank account or other OPay users.

Pay with QR: With the new function, users may pay for products and services in nearby brick-and-mortar shops convenient to them. Businesses that accept OPay QR will display a symbol to let you know. After shopping, purchase by snapping a photo of your QR code on the payment pages.

Is Opay Loan Legit or Fake?

Pay Loan is reputable and well-known for offering loans quickly with speedy approval. The Playstore is replete with glowing reviews about Opay. I applied for an Opay Loan, and after filling out my profile and submitting it for support, I was instantly approved for a loan of 12,000 Naira. I was given only 30 days to pay it back after receiving the prize.

Customers may obtain credit at any moment thanks to Opay’s use of CreditMe, EaseMoni, and OKash.

Note that CreditMe is an OPay wallet that enables customers to pay upfront and get a refund afterward. A cost-free credit of up to N100,000.00 is available.

What is Opay Interest Rate?

Opay offers interest rates ranging from 0.1% to a maximum of 1%. Interest rates are computed every day. The yearly interest rate is in the 36.5% to 360% range.

How do I create an Opay account?

The most effective method of opening an Opay account. It is cost-free and safe! Following the on-screen prompts, sign in to Opay and raise the KYC level after downloading the Opay app from the Google Play Store.

What is KYC?

‘Know Your Client’ stands for this. It is a method by which they may recognize you using specific data, enabling you to carry out particular degrees of transactions on the OPay platforms.

The Nigerian CBN, the country’s central bank, ordered it some years ago. The OPay platform offers four KYC alternatives. Here is a list of them:

  • KYC daily transactions limit stability limit KYC level 150,000 Naira.
  • KYC level 2200,000 500,000 Nigeria.
  • KYC stage 3 5,000,000 Naira
  • Agent 20,000,000 Naira limitless.

Go to your account’s homepage on the Opay app, choose your account’s details, and then select “Upgrade to agent” (you’d want to become an Opay Agent) if you wish to upgrade your bank account to a higher level of KYC.

Upgrade to whichever KYC level you choose, provide the necessary data, and submit your request.

Accepting an upgrade request to KYC level 3 or an agent may take up to 48 hours (2 working days).

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What is the best way to make a payment to my Opay account?

Several options exist for topping out your Opay account:

  • Money transfer using your banking app.
  • Use your credit card to deposit.
  • You may deposit by going to the nearest Opay representative.

Use your bank’s app to transfer money. Both “pay com (0pay)” and “pay com (0pay)” are present. Log in to your banking app on a mobile device, choose “transfer,” and from the list of banks, select “transfer to different banks.”

Type your Opay phone number by pointing to a zero after choosing it (e.g., 9029163515). You must enter your bank payment PIN or token and provide identification proof to complete the transaction.

Remember that different banks have varied floats. Please follow the guidelines provided by your bank.

To make a deposit, use your debit card. Open the Opay app, then on the new page for a credit card or debit card, choose “Add Money” and “Card top-up.” On the next page, you’ll see “Add a new payment option,” which suggests you need to click on your card and enter your card information.

The amount you want to enter is here.

You must be operating at the very top of your game. Remember to provide your CVC code. The 3-digit number may be found on the back of your ATM credit card.

When you choose the top-up option in your wallet, your bank will email you an OTP. Enter the OTP to complete the transaction. For validation, you must additionally input the Opay payment PIN. Once you have checked it, click done.

Deposit by Approaching an Opay Representative An Opay representative can help you fund your Opay account. The actions are detailed below.

Go to any Opay Agency in your neighborhood, city, community, or town to deposit money into the Opay account.

The Opay operator will enter your Opay number and the amount you want to deposit. In two seconds, you’ll get credit. A debit is given to the agency. Exactly that

How Do I Transfer Money From Opay To Bank?

Open the app, then pick Transfer to send money from an Opay account to a different bank (at the top).

Choose Transfer to banks, then from the drop-down menu, choose the bank to which you wish to send money.

To complete the transaction, enter the 10-digit account number, the amount, the payment PIN, and the PIN.

How Do I Transfer Money From Opay To Opay?

This is called “O2O” by Opay, or Opay In Opay. Log into your Opay account, click Transfer, and then choose Transfer to Opay to conduct O2O transactions.

Please enter the recipient’s phone number and the amount you want to send them in the fields provided. To finish the purchase, enter your payment PIN after that.

You may utilize the Opay Payment options with QR codes to send money quickly to your friends. To complete the Transfer, you do not need to input the recipient’s Opay account number.

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How To Become An OPay Agent

How to hire an OPay agent is covered in this section. The detailed instructions given here will help you become one.

  • On your smartphone, download the OPay app.
  • To finish the sign-in process, use your active number.
  • Please get in touch with one of our support staff members to get an application form.
  • Complete the paper as soon as possible and attach the necessary paperwork: a passport picture page, CAC documentation, a utility bill, and a form of identification (all they are required)
  • Complete the procedure, and then start your transactions.
  • Today, you work as an OPay agent.

Benefits Of An OPay Agent

OPay agents are required to be financially independent. The benefits are as follows:

  • As an OPay agent, you won’t have to pay for the POS since you will get it free.
  • Our customer service center will respond to you promptly.
  • Through your OPay wallet, you may also take advantage of quick cash withdrawals and settlements.
  • There are no fees associated with signing up.
  • No costs are associated with any transaction, including cash withdrawals, cash transfers, airtime recharges, utility bills, or cable TV subscriptions.

OPay Agent Requirements

These things are necessary for you to have to be an OPay agent:

  • My ability to speak English well would be helpful. You must be proficient in writing, reading, and speaking.
  • Include the following attachments: an energy bill, paperwork from the Corporate Affairs Commission, passport images, and a way to prove your identity (optional)
  • Small to medium-sized businesses need to function as points of contact for customers.
  • It’s best to have a smartphone that works and an active internet connection.
  • the capacity to interact with clients

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