10 Best Legitimate Apps That Make You Money in Nigeria

In addition to using mobile apps for common activities like taking pictures, recording sounds and videos, texting, and making phone calls, numerous other apps can help you make money in Nigeria. Only some basic computer and mobile apps are that the majority of Nigerians are familiar with. They can genuinely earn money in Nigeria using other apps, though. This article lists ten specific apps that can make you money.

A platform for online buying and selling is provided by the application. On the platform, buyers and sellers can connect to exchange goods. This is advantageous for business owners who can use the app.

On the app, anything can be sold, including smartphones, electronic devices, furniture, beauty products, and various other items.

As soon as the item is purchased, it is added to the seller’s account without additional fees. Users can earn money on this platform by downloading the app from Google Play, installing it, and signing up.

After completing the sign-up process, prospective sellers should take a picture of the item to be sold and wait for customers to purchase it.

Swag Bucks

According to an editorial on making, Swagbucks is a membership website where users can earn money by participating in surveys, watching videos, playing games, testing out products, shopping online, and other activities.


With the Swag Bucks app, you must register with an active email and start completing surveys and other tasks before you can start earning money. More tasks you complete and logins to your Swag Bucks account mean more legitimately earned money. As your AB, or SwagBucks, currency builds up; you can cash them out. It would help if you first used PayPal to convert your AB currency into cash before you can withdraw it or ship products.


Click Worker

Another trustworthy software and website are Click Worker, which is constantly looking for internet users from across the world who can do easy jobs like writing or editing texts, taking part in surveys, or looking up and categorizing data. According to a slogan on the program’s website, using the software for free would allow you to start earning money with the click Worker App in Nigeria.



Participants are known as enthusiasts, and their major responsibilities are to complete surveys. They are regarded as influences as well. Any response you provide when participating in a survey counts as a product evaluation elsewhere. This is how it operates: you choose a survey from various categories as needed and complete it.

On the Toluna app, you may earn money by exchanging vouchers for fun things or by taking advantage of Toluna cash rewards.



For those who enjoy taking pictures, the Foap app offers a way to get money. Participants can share their photos on the app through reputable photo vendors like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and many others. You will be compensated after your uploaded photo sells on the vendor’s site. But remember that the business will receive a commission equal to a portion of the buying price.


Buzz Break

If you enjoy entertainment, you might be interested in the Buzz Break app because it allows you to have fun and earn money in Nigeria. On the Buzz Break platform, fans may take advantage of the best entertainment catered to their interests while also making money.


The main goal of the Buzz Break platform is to have fun; therefore, if you put all your effort into making money, you won’t be able to do that. It would help if you struck a balance between taking advantage of buzz Break’s entertaining vibes and earning money. You can use PayPal to withdraw your points once they have accumulated on the app.


Money App

 is comparable to some previously described apps, such as Clickworker. With the money app, you may earn money by completing easy tasks like surveys, product reviews, video watching, playing no-download Android games, and app or service testing. Thanks to the recently launched new features, you can do more activities on the site and earn more money. By building up their credit, which they can later redeem with PayPal, Money App rewards its users.


Tribe Influencer: 

The Tribe Influencer App allows you to make money by being paid by brands and businesses to advertise or feature their items in your posts to attract customers. It would help if you amassed a sizable social media following before you can be considered a Tribe Influencer. You must have at least 3000 friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to be approved to earn money using the Tribe Influencer App.


Google Opinion Rewards

the most popular apps for earning money on your Android phone. Nigerians don’t make good use of this software. With this software, you assist Google with surveys in exchange for Google Play store gift cards. Gift card sellers are buying these Play Store cards for exorbitant prices. Although the app has received over 10 million downloads from the Google Play store, most of its users are outside Nigeria. To contribute to improving the app store, download the app, register, and begin answering surveys.



This software allows you to earn $5 to $15 monthly, depending on your work. This software shows advertisements on your phone’s screen, which some users can find upsetting. You won’t even need to pay attention to these advertisements. You only need to do a little after installing the app on your phone to begin making money.



This article will be complete if we include an app created by a Nigerian to generate money online in Nigeria. You get paid by Scooper to read news stories and other content on the platform. You can accrue a set number of scooper coins, which may be exchanged for cash if you log in daily. You can get paid in cash or airtime that is forwarded to your phone number. If you are consistent, you can make up to 10,000 NGN every month, and I know people that use this platform to generate money. If you regularly utilize this site to read news and articles, you could win prizes like smartphones or holidays to Dubai.

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