10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria

This article examines Nigeria’s top 10 polytechnic institutions based on student enrollment, popularity, and accreditation standings. While many still favor and prefer attending universities because they think the standards and quality of education are higher, polytechnics in the nation have demonstrated their value by producing top-notch graduates in various fields who have gone on to advance the development of the nation significantly.

The polytechnics are ranked based on information from both online and print publications, quality, the school’s facilities, surroundings, and the views and opinions of the general population.


Yaba College Of Technology

This esteemed institution, also referred to as YABATECH, was founded in 1947.

One of the most coveted polytechnics in the nation is it. Over 16000 students are now enrolled in the school. As the first higher education school to launch a Center for Entrepreneurship Development, YABATECH takes the top spot.

Additionally, the university includes an Applied Research and Technology Innovation Unit that works with businesses in the commercial sector to advance research. The Michael Otedola Information and Communication Centre and the Department of Agricultural Technology are located on the second campus of YABATECH in Epe.

The Federal Polytechnic, Yaba, was briefly known as YABATECH in 1979. It was given its original name again in 1980.

There have recently been rumors that YABATECH may become a university, but the Senate has denied these allegations.

The institution provides 64 approved programs at the ND, HND, and post-HND levels through its 8 schools and 34 academic departments.


Federal Polytechnic Nekede (Nekedepoly)

The College of Technology Owerri was used when the Federal Polytechnic Nekede was founded in 1978. The institution relocated to Nekede, Owerri, in 1981, where it is now.

Before being taken over by the federal government in 1993 and called The Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, the Imo State Government changed its name to The Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri in 1987.

To produce job creators who would stimulate the economy, the institution aspires to maintain its culture of best practices in areas such as instructional techniques, capacity building, skill development, and technology advancements.

The Polytechnic Ibadan

The Polytechnic Ibadan, also known as Ibadan Poly, is a university in the city of Ibadan that replaced Technical College, Ibadan, in 1970.

The polytechnic employs a faculty system, and there are currently 5 faculties at the school, including the following:

  • Engineering \Sciences
  • study of the environment
  • Management and Financial
  • Organization and Communication
  • Professor Olatunde Fawole is the rector of IbadanPoly.

These faculties confer the National Diploma and Higher National Diploma degrees. In Oyo, the Ibadan Poly is a very well-liked university with more than 25000 enrolled students.


Auchi Polytechnic (Auchipoly)

Auchi Polytechnic was established in 1963 as a technical college and then changed its status to a polytechnic in 1973. The statute founding the institution assigned it the responsibility of generating competent and trained labor for the nation in various subjects, including science, management, the arts, technology, engineering, and much more. The institution is one of the first four polytechnics in Nigeria.

The polytechnic, which has over 8000 students, is constantly revising and upgrading its curricula and educational activities to prepare its students for self-employment and job creation after earning their degrees.

Lagos State Polytechnic

The Lagos State Polytechnic, known as LASPOTECH, is situated in Ikorodu. The school is well on its way to accomplishing its 40-year-old goal of preparing children to reach their greatest potential.

It was recently revealed that the school’s faculty and students build drones. Since the drone market has been growing and it’s simple for the general population to obtain drones from websites like to play outside or in their homes, the state’s governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, pledged that these drones would be used for aerial security monitoring across the entire state.

Mr. Samuel Sogunro serves as the Polytechnic’s rector. In their most recent conference, the 32 departments of the Polytechnic graduated almost 9000 students.


Osun State Polytechnic

The Osun State Polytechnic, also called OSPOLY, was founded in 1992 after separating from the Ibadan Polytechnic that same year. Initially, the institution operated as an Ibadan Polytechnic satellite campus.

The polytechnic contains about 38 departments and 7 faculties:

  • Faculty of Information and Communication
  • Faculty of Management Studies
  • Faculty of Financial Studies
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • Faculty of Basic Sciences


Kaduna Polytechnic (Kadpoly)

Kaduna Technical Institute, which later became Kaduna State Polytechnic, was created in 1956 and changed its name to the polytechnic Kaduna in 1962. It was given the name Kaduna State Polytechnic in 1968 due to a government order, and the government eventually took control of it in 1991 by another decree.

The polytechnic wants to become a leader in research and development over the following few years and keep its position as a pioneer in online education.


Federal Polytechnic Ilaro (Federalpolyilaro)

The federal polytechnic Ilaro was founded in July 1979, and the host community gave it a temporary location to open its doors in November 1979 in the city of Ilaro, Ogun State. Before being relocated to its current location along Ilaro/Oja-Odan Road in 1983, the institution’s original location was the grounds of the Anglican Grammar School in Ilaro.

The university strives to consistently produce technically proficient students for Nigeria’s economy while preparing students to compete globally.


Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti (Fedpolyado)

In Jos Plateau State, the federal polytechnic Ado-Ekiti was established in 1977 as a college of technology. Later, the Federal Government of Nigeria relocated the Polytechnic from Jos to Akure in Ondo State to ensure that Federal Government institutions were evenly distributed across the nation’s states.

The school’s designation was changed from a college of technology to a polytechnic in 1979. The Polytechnic was once again relocated in 1982 after receiving directives from the federal government to do so. The new capital of Ekiti State is Ado-Ekiti. The Federal University of Technology Akure needed more room; therefore, the move was made.

The university, which opened its doors to 350 students and 95 academic staff members in 1978, presently enrolls over 10,000 students and employs about 1000 people.


Kwara State Polytechnic (Kwarapoly)

Ilorin, the state capital of Kwara, is home to the Kwara State Polytechnic. Colonel David Bamigboye, the then-military governor of Kwara State, founded the polytechnic in 1971, and it officially opened for business in 1973.

The polytechnic was founded and designed to offer society various educational opportunities, fostering new methodologies in science, management, engineering, education, and other fields of study.

With 110 students, 11 academic staff members, and 3 administrative staff members, the polytechnic, whose slogan is “Technology, innovation, and service,” began operations.


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