3 ways to Check If a Domain Name or Site is Banned by Adsense

Many website owners utilize the well-liked advertising network AdSense to monetize their websites. Before registering for an account or running advertisements on your website, it’s crucial to be sure AdSense does not blacklist your website. Here are three ways to determine whether AdSense has barred a domain or website:

  1. Check the AdSense policies.
  2. Use the AdSense Sandbox Tool
  3. Contact AdSense Support

Check the AdSense policies.

To ensure that your website is permitted to display AdSense advertising, you need first verify the AdSense policies. Before registering, it’s crucial to be aware of AdSense’s tight rules limiting the kinds of websites and content that may contain advertisements. AdSense will probably block your website if it violates any of these rules.


Use the AdSense Sandbox Tool

You may test whether your website is allowed to display AdSense adverts using the helpful AdSense Sandbox Tool. Enter your site’s URL to utilize this tool, and it will check it for any policy breaches. If the program detects any problems, it will detail them for you so that you can fix them before displaying AdSense advertising on your website.


Contact AdSense Support

You can get further information by contacting AdSense support if you’re unsure if your site qualifies to display AdSense advertising or if you’ve got a notification from AdSense claiming that your site has been blacklisted. If you have any queries or problems, the professional support staff at AdSense is here to help. Log into your AdSense account and select “Help” in the top right corner of the screen to get in touch with AdSense support. You can send a support request or visit the AdSense help section.

In conclusion, there are several techniques to determine if AdSense has blocked a domain or website. To ensure that your website is permitted to display advertising, you need first verify the AdSense policies. You can use the AdSense Sandbox Tool to check your website for policy breaches or contact AdSense support for further details. By doing these actions, you can make sure that your website conforms with AdSense standards and steer clear of any problems with having advertising displayed on it.

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